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A Walk in Brighton/Allston | JFK/Harvard Ave Graffiti

A walk from a couple of weeks ago, when it finally began to look decent out.

1st Trip into the North End

-Of the summer of course. My friend Chris invited us out:

It was a warm enough day-


Mythical Creatures Infographic

If you're looking for more cryptozoological craziness, 
just ask Conrad Gesner.

Möbius Cheat Sheet

I wish I knew about this when I was still taking math tests.

[click for full effect]
Also, a möbius gear.

Ethan Law & a Big Wheel

I wish I was this good at anything
And that the people there didn't clap until the end.

I like that you can see the giant circular bag in the background.
Does he just tie it to the roof, you think?
Wonder how you might explain that if a cop pulled you over.


Cat-tar Solo

Matthew Cusick's Map Collages

Matthew Cusick  nlaid maps and acrylic on aluminum panel
Kara's Wave, 2009
Inlaid maps and acrylic on aluminum panel
24 x 36 in


"Your World of Text" like Beautiful Internet/Human Trainwreck

In that...

1. It is veritably, absolutely not good for you to watch.
2. You cannot look away.


Love Katamari? Play it on any webpage!

Simply load any page and then copy & paste the following in the URL bar:
javascript:var i,s,ss=['http://kathack.com/js/kh.js','http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.5.1/jquery.min.js'];for(i=0;i!=ss.length;i++){s=document.createElement('script');s.src=ss[i];document.body.appendChild(s);}void(0);

You'll be glad you did (until you waste all of your time doing this). 
Works best in Chrome or Safari.


Otomata by Batuhan Bozkurt

I'm passing by this dreary-ass afternoon playing around
with Otomata, a fun little flash sound sequencer. 

similar to glitchscape or tonematrix, which I posted about awhile back.

and while I'm at it, I'ma make some noise with this flash dj setup


Fibonacci Pigeons


Zen Flowchart

Why make it more complicated? [link]

A Motherfraking Möbius Gear


Thank Berkeley robotics student Aaron Hoover for this mind-bending, one-sided gem.
Wired describes his difficult to convey contraption-
The white section is the Möbius strip and is flexible. It is made from silicone rubber, and has a twist, which means that — despite what your eyes and brain are telling you — it only has teeth along one side (because it only has one side).
The outer, black strip has a double twist that I still can’t make out after letting my eyes follow it around for a good 10 minutes now. Somehow, the little blue rubber “spur” gears guide these two impossible shapes and allow them to mesh. In theory, either the blue gears (planets, as this is essentially a planetary gear system) or the white “sun” strip can drive the movement. In practice, it’s easier to move the white strip by hand, and even then, the blue gears pop out occasionally.
I’m finding it hard to tear myself away from this picture, but I managed it for long enough to read Hoover’s detailed description of the planning and printing process (.pdf) from start to finish. It, too, is almost impossible to understand for a layman like me, but reading the nightmarishly complex calculations needed to make the gears line up makes this deceptively simple model seem even more impressive.


Yo-Yo Ma + Lil Buck = Spike Jonze?

Wow, man, apparently. That's one expectedly cool (yet totally unexpected) equation. 

Spike Jonze comments on capturing the otherwise more intimate moment:
The other day, I was lucky enough to be at an event to bring the arts back into schools and got to see an amazing collaboration between Yo-Yo Ma and a young dancer in LA, Lil Buck. Someone who knows Yo-Yo Ma had seen Lil Buck on YouTube and put them together. The dancing is Lil Buck’s own creation and unlike anything I’ve seen. Hope you enjoy.