1st Trip into the North End

-Of the summer of course. My friend Chris invited us out:

It was a warm enough day-

 Hey it's the Old North Church.
 And here again (with bonus Majesty streaks)
 Old couples are cute.
So is Madeline.
[Man, Semiotics much there, eh Roland?]

Yeah, you know I've heard things can spontaneously
change color in this neighborhood.

Chris and I have a history of hanging out on some fine rooftops.
This is my favorite of the day. No color editing.
Maritime Industrial goodness. The USS Constitution in the mid-ground, Bunker hill monument in the background and Ambient Dub wayyyyyy in the background.

Some intimate little people-habitats.

There's that pretty Old church again.

Another little intimate space.

I hope you had a peaceful weekend too.


  1. You forgot to mention that Paul Revere's statue was wearing a Bruins jersey. Because, you know, hockey is totally as important as cherished US history.

  2. I love all of these photos. Great work Flowers! Poor Paul Revere!