Mindstorm: Schizophrenic Episode Simulation

There is a more involved version of this same video that incorporates 3D glasses and simulated olfactory hallucinations. All the same the video does a good job of conveying the experience of the positive symptoms (i.e. ones that are 'added', phenomena that are present but should not be) of schizophrenia. From the website:
Hallucinations are some of the most flagrant and disruptive symptoms that people with schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders can experience. Approximately 70% of people with schizophrenia experience auditory hallucinations (e.g., hearing voices) and 25% experience visual illusions or distortions.
-Mindstorm's Homepage
-NIMH overview of Schizophrenia
-Virtual Hallucinating Device Drives Police Insane for a Day

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