Mike Worrall

[Happy New Year! Glad to see you all made it!]

Self-taught surrealist Mike Worrall unwittingly mimics the content of dreams I had when I lived in England.

Fiddlers Nocturn

The Dawdler

 Forest Terminal

The Trouble with Time

Pensive Unrest
[Exactly! It's just like that!]

 I like this guy because he doesn't seem to bullshit you too much for an artist nowadays. Up front with his angle, doesn't try to fabulate some jargon and nonsense. Also- his diction is super-British, and reading his website bio makes me miss those brilliant blokes all the more.
As a child I was always intrigued by paintings involving some sought of mystery element. So I have tended to be drawn in this direction myself. Get the viewer guessing and wondering what it's about! Quite often I’m not sure myself but for some inexplicable reason it might work as a picture. I might not understand it myself even. It may be an expression on a face or just a pose or location.
I'm a firm believer that I should not have to attempt to explain the enigma to people and that the picture should retain some mystery for a lasting interest. [Bio]
If nothing else, the fact that he created conceptual art for the movie Alien III fills me with glee.