Mission Control Radio

Space shuttle Endeavor is in space right now. 

Also in space is SomaFm - Broadcasting ambient music mixed with the live NASA mission feed, this is truly my space jam. 

Read about it on BoingBoing

Experience it here

To quote my friend James: 
This is the coolest shit ever. Live space shuttle radio communications overlayed with ambient music... Check that shit. They're adding a node to the space station right now. I'm listening to a spacewalk live. With dark ass shit being played over it. TECHNOLOGY IS AWESOME.
From Somafm (2.23.10):
NASA Shuttle STS-130 successfully landed tonight at 7:20pm pacific time at the Kennedy Space Center after 14-day journey of more than 5.7 million miles. Welcome Back!

You can really hear it in the voices of the astronauts and ground crew both; we took people out into space for two weeks and now they're home safely. It's party time! 

Touching to hear [and well soundtracked].

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