Holi 2010 is as Psychedelic as Last Year

Students Celebrate Holi in Indore, India [and a fine Tropicália album cover]
All photos via Boston.com's The Big Picture

No day could be more joyous for me than the day I find my way to India for Holi, both the festival of colors and the most appropriate way to welcome Spring of any people on the planet. On Monday this week, the annual explosion of mirth, spontaneity, and the sheer delight of high contrast, potent color powder erupted all over India as it has since at least the 7th century. Another year I'll yearn without end to have attended; slinging pure color all over your neighbors and friends is the perfect image of freedom to me.

As one adept commenter captured it: 

Holi, very simply and unceremoniously reveals the golden key to happiness. The festival breaks all norms; it ignores all social inhibitions. For once, absolute freedom is given to human desires and senses. A day is given to live life as per one's liking. From dancing like mad and singing loudly to using foul language, and from playing with colours to doing all mischief- one day in a year makes us small innocent kids.  

To every Hindu, Buddhist, Sihk, and to every little Johnny Singh or Janey Gupta -- to all the wonderful people who take their part in making the universe even more radiant -- Happy, happy Holi!




Save some powder for me, next year [maybe, just maybe].

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