70s Thai Orchestra [Maybe Not from the 70s, Maybe Not from Thailand]

Psychedelic, country jam-band style molam (or mor lam; a traditional genre of Lao song, literally meaning "expert song" or "expert singer"). Nothing more is known for certain about the album: who recorded it, how many performers there were, whether it was for profit or private use. It's a bit of a mystery. It might actually be a record called Siamese Temple Ball, but there's debate and general confusion whether or not this is true. Personally I hope it is, because the liner notes of that record have this to say for itself: 
Flight comes to Thailand in the Year of the Rat. Siamese Temple Ball provide the lilting soundtrack for a chemical journey. Schoolgirls dance bashfully for the expectant throng. Life continues at a comparatively slow pace away from the rigours of fierce sun-light. 
[which was then followed by the label's description]
In the tradition of Sun City Girls, Ya Ho Wha 13, The Spacious Mind, Taj Mahal Travellers, Mu, Word of Life, Group 1850, and Ghost, Siamese Temple Ball give maximum pleasure for thirsty brains. [label source]
Yeah, that describes 70s Thai Orchestra pretty well. Get into the complex interchange of the phin pya, the electrified khene, and some wicked-ass thumping percussion (haha, hyphens). It's a big party that took place who knows how many years ago. I'd recommend cranking it and inviting a few friends over to groove the hell out.

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