Oklahoma Man Arrested for Dancing

Well, ok, dance-trespassing. Eddy Khaodevanpheng, a 22-year old Oklahoma City resident, was arrested today at an OKC convenience store for refusing to leave when management asked him to please quit getting down in their establishment. Obstinate, he claimed he was "fighting for his right to dance" and did so around the gas station and back and forth across the nearby intersection, presumably to ward off potential threats to this basic funky freedom.

Police told the man to leave after he informed them he was fighting for the right to dance, and he "danced across the parking lot to the McDonald's where he stood and watched us while dancing,” an officer wrote in the report. He then danced back across the parking lot to the Valero, where he was arrested.

When asked why he returned to the gas station, the man told police he was "following the leader,” the report states. He said the arresting officer was the leader because he had a radio, pepper spray and a gun, and police replied by saying he was going to jail because he "didn't listen to the leader. 

It doesn't seem like the cops or the management really got it: who he was fighting and what was at stake. But it doesn't really matter - clearly, his commitment to the fight should have been persuasive enough. What I can't seem to find is a description of the kind of dance: was he crunking? Voguing? Doing the Charleston? I imagine that this is the first case in a new type of neurological disorder where the sufferer constantly hears Daft Punk playing in their head and has no control over whether their ass follows suit, until they break down from dance-overkill. Fortunately, he didn't have to groove in lock-up for long; he's already been released to fight another day.

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