Philip Zimbardo: "The Secret Powers of Time"

Though psychologist, author, and lecturer Philip Zimbardo is best well known for his work on the topic of evil, he has also spent a lot of time researching time. This clever, well animated short helps demonstrate his argument that we don't pay nearly enough attention to perceptions of time - our own, those of the people around us, those of cultures around the world. Video by the RSA.

Or check Zimbardo delivering an even briefer version of this talk on TED. You know, if you just can't sit through 10 minutes of awesome animation (you future-oriented people out there).

-Zimbardo's homepage
-Info on the (in)famous 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment, for which he is best known
-And though he's no longer researching evil, he still uses his knowledge to help explain Abu Ghraib [via TED].

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