Time Lapse Mandala

My good friend Madeline of Madeline May Write pointed out this awesome video of Buddhist monks creating a beautiful mandala from colorful sand. A mandala is a geometric design that in its microcosm represents the whole universe. They are typically created as a form of meditation and are totally, utterly rad.

A funny thing about both mandalas and the universe, that is so perfectly demonstrated in this meditative practice, is impermanence - the work of art, the human person, the environment which we share- all of it is not meant to last, and won't.

Which makes me wonder: does the fact that it is on film bear any relevance to the monks? Does the mandala "remain" and still exist, as far as the youtube viewer is concerned? I can't answer this with any certainty; I'm not Buddhist and have a mere enthusiast's weak grasp on the idea. I imagine that it would bother the monks, yet they consented to being filmed in this noble pursuit of blessing all the world.

Perhaps they hadn't thought about that. Or, perhaps more likely, they figure youtube as impermanent as the sand painting.

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