Vocab Mindmap II

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I like to be up-front about my nerdiness. I'm proud about it. Like any good nerd, my pet topics are, in general, multidisciplinary. I think it's vital to the title Nerd that one be eclectic in their curiosities. In particular- I express my nerdiness as a logophile by making mindmaps of good words, more or less as I encounter them. Perhaps I haven't seen these words in awhile or maybe I just haven't seen them at all. Visualizing things like this has really made a difference in my vocabulary, and has done wonders for my memory in general. I can only speak for myself, but I'm sure others would do well to give this a shot.

This is the second mind map I've posted here [here's the first], and like the 48th I've made using the free version of Mindnode for Mac.

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