25 Fuzzy Memories

This is the first installment of my list of 100 memories and a rare venture into the realm of the deeply personal. I hesitated to present such a post, but seeing as how it's my blog, and what with mindless self indulgence and all, I can find no reason not to include a bit more of myself on good ol' HC. After all, life is more than bright colors, flashy tech, and cute animals. It's also dealing with the random shit that has happened- ups and downs, strikes and gutters.

I first learned about lists of 100 and thought, psh, I'd never make it that far into a list- I can barely commit to writing a blog at all! But then, I figured, it's a brand new year (and the last one sucked...) so why not try something new. Why not make a good, long list of some of the more colorful moments I've had in my time. There are a few from this past year, but most are from far better years-gone-by. Enjoy my reverie as I drag you into it.

1. Playing catch with grandpa, when I missed the ball and he nailed me in right eye. Should have bought me the Nerf gun I wanted; it was a lot softer. The backyard of the old house in St. Louis, 1992.

2. An assignment from fifth grade that helped teach me the difference between literal and figurative. My little cartoon was all ears because I'm good at drawing them.

3. A surprise birthday party for Patrick, looking out from the window at him walking up his driveway. Eight years old? Nine? We weren't friends for very long.

Guaita, San Marino
4. Hiking to the top of the oldest tower in San Marino with my friends Malarky and Lynann. 16 years old.

5. My first day working in the education unit in the Suffolk County House of Corrections. 18.

6.The best cup of coffee I ever had was sitting on a rope-swing bridge spanning a lovely waterfall. It was summer and I was in the cloud forest in Costa Rica. It was just after dinner, gloaming out. I had left my shoes in the kitchen.

7. Smashing a guitar to help out a friend, Morgan, with his group project on Liberation Theology. He got an A and it was somehow relevant. I was not even in the class.

8. (While I'm at it) Smashing a guitar in a fit of collegiate revelry, after having used it as a vehicle for noise music. It was Kerns' idea and guitar.

9. Seeing the lighter side of food poisoning after a day of wandering in Paris. The only food affordable in any of the surrounding arrondissements was dubbed "The Black Pearl of the Orient" and taught me an important lesson about humility and undercooked chinese "cuisine".

After the yelling, the awe continued.
10. Standing atop Brecon Beacons and yelling at Wales about how aweinspiring it was being. Also windy.

11. The empty Thai resteraunt, setting for an important first date. Bath, UK, 2008.

12. Meeting Martin Sheen. He was the keynote speaker at a fundraiser for 12 and 12, a substance dependance program. I was working in the kitchen. He had an extremely warm personality and is quite small. 2001.

13. Decorating candy houses at Alex's real one, circa Decmber of 1992 - December of 1998.

God, I was a lot bigger...
14. "Learning" how to ride a bike for like the 47th time, in the gardens of the Hofburg Palace in Vienna. Somewhere in Amsterdam, there's a family with vacation footage of me failing at this. It might have been the highlight of their trip; I don't speak Dutch. Summer '06.

15. Drunk, nostalgic, and dressed to the nines in the main ballroom of the Waldorf=Astoria just before college graduation. I'll never be this young again.

16. First day of high school, aserting that I didn't want to be a jock anymore. The last time I'd be taking the abuse that young men learn to give each other.

17. The moment I realized the physcial mechanics of sex: 2nd Grade, walking back from the playground, on the sidewalk in front of the Parish rectory. Tyler Metcalf explained it in great detail. He was always very science-oriented as a child.

18. Straining for the right words in Italian to communicate that I was sick, lost, and didn't want a hooker. Accosted by a pimp. Rome, late at night. Wondering where William went. Awkward.

19. Falling into a river after taking some bad advice concerning ziplines. Summer, crazy-Jesus brainwash camp, somewhere in Arkansas, 2000.

20. Taking 22 bee stings without knowing if I was allergic or not. Virginia, 2009.

21. Waking, and in that first conscious instant, jumping up, sprinting out onto the dock, stripping naked, and leaping into the undisturbed lake. Outside of Whitefish, Montana, 2005.

22. Feeling that I was not myself and that it was grand. Carnival in Dam Square, Amsterdam, 2008.

23. A 4th Grade play. Something about a pet shop owner, played by my best friend John Simons, doting upon all of his anthropomorphic pets. I was cast in the role of the evil capitalist who attempted hostile takeover of the Pet Shop, Mr. Morton. Parents all over our zip code clapped.

24. Numerous dawns overlooking the Res in Brighton: ones with Freeman, ones with James, ones alone.

25. Ducking Vietnam Steve all of Summer 2008. As it turns out, not being able to walk doesn't mean you can't be develop terrifying stalker habits.

More to come.