Obligatory Cat Cuteness Post

I haz a sidewayz
Every self respecting blogger should at some point address how cute their cat is. Hell, lots of bloggers' sole concern is their cat's cuteness- after all, it's vital internet business that must be conducted, updating a public in desperate need of a friggin' escape from stress and anxiety, lest the big truck series of tubes fail and modern society collapse, only the most stalwart of us survivors bravely weathering the ensuing cuteness dearth.

Anyway, thank the Majesties that won't happen. This is Akimbo, a name far superior to Dyanasty (gross), the name her adoption papers gave her. We've had her for about 5 months, she's about 9 months old now. She's a bit dumb, totally sweet, and kind of a jerk sometimes. But a member of our little family.

 She appreciates paper bags' property of invisibility. Here, she's recycling!

 She loves to help with all of our projects; here, racking a cream ale.

 Man, we should really bottle that already.

Mary, she loves the peace sign bathmat you gave us. She has excellent taste.


  1. These are great pics! My favorite is Kimbo hanging in front of Buddah and books. Love her expression. Ale looks good!

  2. You need to brew an Akimbo Black and Tan ale. Right now.