Ommwriter humanizes the writing process

Traveling for the holiday last week has left my nerves shot. Despite being drained, this simple program is having the amazing effect of reinvigorating my will to quill.

Visually sparse and simple, the full-screen word processor is blessedly limited; here is where you can write. Nothing else. As far as I can figure, the only key shortcut in the whole program is that hitting escape will spell check. For the first time I have ever seen, there are options for ambient music to help create a non-invasive, relaxed atmosphere. I have made a habit of listening to birdsong lately, but I didn't expect to have it as a preset. Far friendlier than MSWord.

(...which I'd ditch no matter what for the excellent and free NeoOffice for work or school papers and the like. But for blogging, journaling, writing letters, gathering your thoughts, or any kind of creative writing, Ommwriter seems well suited. Basically, there is no reason to have to pay for any word processors or Microsoft products. Ever.)

The program might be more flexible though, if one could upload any image they like as the background or go beyond the few preset looped tracks. But then it would lose its charm. Check it out before it gets anymore developed, or make suggestions to support it being kept nice and zen.

I'm now going to put together a presentation on developmental psychology, since this program has got me feeling so oddly calm about the whole thing. Don't be mistaken, you won't get to read it.

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