F.lux helps us bloggers sleep at night

Just kidding -- it helps everyone. By literally taking the blues out of our nighttime screen usage*, F.lux (or sometimes Flux) can help us all get restful sleep after we post at 3.06 AM. Or anytime really. And it's easily disable-able for an hour when you just have to see the calico coat on that cuteoverload kitten in the original shades. F.lux rox.

*F.lux modulates the blue hues in your screen's output based on the time of day and your geographic location. This helps mitigate the zombie-like effects of surfing late at night and helps you sleep better. So, here, I really do mean "literally". This isn't like 90% of the other times you hear the word "literally". I "literally" own a dictionary.

[Update: 6.7.2010: Shades, another menubar app, achieves a similar effect without distorting colors. I find switching off between the two is the best strategy.]

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