Photographer Amy Stein

Over my two month sabbatical from posting, I managed to get across the river for an evening at the Harvard Museum of Natural History with some friends. The initial lure was a rumored Lucky Dragons show to take place there that (for the second time!) turned out to be a lie. That is, that whole artsy IDM crowd was indeed present, but just let people screw around with their equipment instead of playing themselves. I guess worse things have happened; the people seemed to get into it (despite lacking direction or leadership) and I got to explore the famous Ware Collection of over 3000 true to life glass flowers from around the world.

Which by itself would have sated my desire for novel nature oddities for the evening. But fortunately, around the corner was photographer Amy Stein's Domesticated, a commentary on human-animal relations. Stein uses stuffed models to recreate true to life stories - highlighting the imbalance between society and the wild - and calls into question the meaning of domestication. Several of my favorites here:




New Homes





What a sad joke hunting has become.


Watering Hole

More on the theme of domestication at the artist's blog

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