Sorry for the Interlude: Here's some Psychedelic Doodles

Howdy internet acolytes! HC is back up and huffing and puffing again. Finally, now that I'm out from under the despotic thumb of my senior thesis, I can get back to what's really important: presenting all the flashy colors and whimsy I find to you, the narrowing few who follow this blog. It's been two months since we've last spoken. And I want to make it up to you. Which is why I'll be posting select tid-bits I found during the hiatus (for you see, especially in times of extreme stress, you can rely on the internet for quality procrastination).  First up, proof that time-wasting drawings can be seriously engrossing and not-at-all a waste of time. Via Escape Into Life.

Emotional Mapping [Faith Georgia]

Taxonomy Misnomer [Matt Lyon]

Fantasy Garden [Penny Raile]

Ratos de Ocio [Celiaaa]

Roman Meander Labyrinth [Artimess]

D20080904D 290 [Dave Bollinger]

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