Alexandro Garcia Lands Art Saucers on 3rd Eyes

Guerror del arco iris, 1990 
Uruguayan Alexandro Garcia saw something in the sky that changed him permanently. Attempting to describe his UFO experience impelled Garcia to develop his natural gift for drawing and painting. With no formal training, he built his chaotic style upon piece after piece etched with common pens, pencils, and on any available paper, such as the back of an almanac. With time he began to elaborate his style, bringing forth eye-poping colorscapes, convoluted geometries, and visions of psychedelic Other-worlds. His collections are considered in the vanguard of so-called "outsider art" [whatever, that label is hegemonic] 
[Via Synaptic Stimuli, this flickr photostream, and the Christian Berst Galerie d'Art]. 
[Click each for full effect] 
En Algun Lugar, 2008

Energias, 2008

Armonia Estelar, 2009

El Futuro, No Date [c. el futuro?]

[No Information]

[No Information]

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