Putting Religious Extremism in Perspective

Hey, Loud-mouthed Racist Guy on the Subway- know who you're talking about! Quit speaking such nonsense. Muslim does not automatically equal extremist, just as American doesn't automatically mean libricide. Look how few extremists there really are. The guy who made this had to inflate the relative size of Al-Qaeda and the would-be Qur'an burners just so you could see the insignificance of their numbers.

And still this guy, going on and on, like there's no common ground between the most of us!

What do extremists have in common, regardless of religion, within and without the U.S.? Their hatred of pluralism - the radical notion that we should embrace more than one idea. It's "both/and" not "either/or".

Which is why you, Loud-mouthed Racist Guy on the Subway, don't seem to get that when you treat people like they're all the same, like they're all extremists, you yourself are being an extremist jackass. Run tell dat to your equally-ignorant friends. Then read a book or something.

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