Volatile's Demo Track "Miley"

[Every song mentioned in this post deserves to be played extremely loudly.]

My DJ friend who goes by Volatile just released this demo that I had to tell ya'll about. Dude takes "Party in the USA", which represents everything mindless and evil in America, and chops his way into highlighting everything that is awesome and right about it (i.e. 808s and actual, you know, like real music). Just a pinch of French electro, and I've been playing it all morning despite the hangover. Check it out, then check out Volatile and our friend DJ Young Kirby, who together are Bowelhaus - Oct. 6th @ The Enormous Room in Cambridge. You'll know us there because we'll be the urban youth bringing the ruckus.

The finished version of this, and I'm assuming other tracks as well, will be on Bowelhaus' much anticipated first release, We Came to Wreck Everything [EP]. Coming soon to a brain near you. [check back for updates]

Bonus: right after I heard that I also caught this remix of the same song by Redfoxx (below). Less of a remix and more of a sllllloowwwwwed down old mix, lightly cut. Like it infinitely better than the original and not just because it's like three times as long. Also this Ke$ha remix by the same peeps. Oh, and this Washed Out one too.

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